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35% of the world's traffic in 2024 will come from 5G networks

35% of the world's traffic in 2024 will come from 5G networks

European leaders in innovation and digitisation have discussed today during the DigitalES Summit, the reference event for the technology sector, some of the technological challenges facing society today, such as 5G or Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Pastora Valero, VP Government Affairs, Cisco; Óscar Pallarols, Global Commercial Director, Cellnex; Fernando Huerta, Partner, Deloitte; Arturo Sotillo, General Manager, Iberia, Caribbean and Latin America, Juniper Networks; Meinrad Spenger, CEO, Masmovil; Manuel España, Director, Telecom, Media & Utilities, Sopra Steria España have discussed and shared their views on 5G.

Pastora Valero of Cisco stressed that 5G is not only about speed, but also about networks that are tailored to suit the needs of each user. Valero explained several applications of this technology in agricultural and farming facilities to control production in real time.

For Oscar Pallarols of Cellnex, 5G is more about evolution than revolution. It is an evolutionary process of the 4g networks that still have a large capacity in Europe. "Infrastructures are expensive and prices are falling, 5g needs a killer application that doesn't exist yet, will there be an application to help monetize all this?

Fernando Huerta, from Deloitte, has anticipated that "5G is already changing the offer that telecommunication operators provide their services. Selling becomes consultative: it is the company that has to start suggesting solutions to problems. 5G is going to be an accelerator of this to a great extent".

Regarding the development of 5G, Arturo Sotillo, General Manager Iberia, Caribbean and Latin America, of Juniper Networks, has advanced that "35% of traffic in 2024 in the world will come from 5G networks", so there is still a great margin for development. To make this happen, he has proposed "a transformational network development, which will allow the transformation of the telecommunications operator's operations. We believe this is the only way to solve the dilemma of investment now vs. future profits".

For Meinrad Spenger, Masmovil's CEO, "5G is coming, but there are no terminals yet and those that are are are very expensive. We expect a relevant take-off from 2021-2023 in Spain."

For his part, Manuel España, Director of Telecom, Media & Utilities at Sopra Steria España, said that "when talking about cases and deadlines that 5G is going to reach, we must differentiate between residential and business use. In the first case, the best user experience is sought above all; in the second, the two factors that will set the tone are the revolution in latency and the concentration of devices".
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